Why Sleeping in a Bonnet can Change your Hair Game

Ever heard of sleeping in a silk bonnet? Or do you also think it’s only for black women to maintain their thick and curly hairs?

If the word “bonnet” is new to you then you shouldn’t be surprised as it’s not so common in Pakistan. Women don’t know about it and this distances them from reaping its benefits.

Silk bonnets are one of the few hair accessories that are less known for a long time. It’s like a head covering or a cap women wear while sleeping. It helps maintain the health of the hair. For instance, when we sleep with open hair, they are exposed to air which produces frizz, make it dry and also tangles with each other.

Although silk caps are essential for women with curly hairs it also has good benefits for straight hairs. Especially when you start ageing, hairs are the first things to lose their natural essence, get into greying and also gets dry with time.

So, for a better hair care routine, here are the best benefits of investing in a good silk bonnet. 


  1.     Prevents Hair Loss

Do you think that even after a good lifestyle your hairs are not the way they are supposed to be? 

If that’s the case, you need a healthy hair care routine with a good silk bonnet on top. When we sleep with open hairs, it loses its moisture and makes it more prone to damage. Cherry on the top is sleeping on a cotton pillow which aggravates the hair condition and makes it rough gradually.

Here a silk bonnet can prevent you from exposing your hair to the pillow. It won’t only keep it covered all night but will also prevent dryness, maintain moisture and will also avoid hair tangling.

  1.     Maintains the Style

You have just invested a huge amount in your hairstyling to be in the look you always want. And you want to maintain your hairstyle for a long time. Having a silk cap while sleeping can change your hair game by keeping your hair locks and curls intact.

In addition, when you apply hair products like serums, hair oils or conditioners, they can be absorbed by the pillow leaving fewer benefits for your hair. But with a silk bonnet, you can make the most of the products by making them limited to the hairs.

  1.     Prevents Tangling

When you change your sleeping position, twist and turn on the bed, hair is the first thing to get tangled. Thanks to the silk hair wrap that can save your time by not letting you spend additional minutes brushing the knots and tangles in the morning.

You only need to brush your hair before going to bed and wrap it up in a silk bonnet to prevent tangling. You’ll wake up with the same hairstyle the next day.

Considering these benefits, you can imagine how much time and money you can save by investing in a silk bonnet, isn’t it?



Silk Bonnet - Hair care, tangle free hair, reduces hair fall

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